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Experience How Simple Health Really Is!

Eleven years ago I would have never used the word simple to describe my health. In fact my health was anything but simple. It was complicated, confusing and painful but not simple. Then I came across the life changing, life saving information that would make all the difference in my personal pursuit of reclaiming my health and preventing disease. I discovered I was not sick because I had been diagnosed with a life threatening disease but that I was sick because I did not know how to care of my body. Now that’s simple!

This simple concept brought me face to face with my own personal lack of knowledge, personal ignorance and lack of personal responsibility.  The sickness and disease that had plagued my body, challenged my faith and changed my life forever had finally met its match. Once I took personal responsibility for my own health and wellness reversing the sickness and disease I had experienced for thirteen years became simpler.

Unimaginable to me my illness was not a mystery I needed to solve. I simply returned to the twelve laws of health that the creator designed human beings to live in accordance with. Once I mastered these twelve laws my health began to return to me. Visit The Twelve Laws of Simple Health and experience how simple health really is!

Becky Campos

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