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Posts tagged ‘Cleansing’

Building a Fortress of Health

If I hadn’t spent the last 13 years building a fortress of health I would have easily caved under the pressure of a recent health challenge - a persistent allergic reaction. Thankfully my simple health philosophy undergirded the work of reclaiming my health: health is the process by which we care for our human design. Building a fortress of health results in meeting any health challenges with confidence and strength.

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Simple Health SPA Day

SPA days are centered in slowing down, praying and affirming The Twelve Laws of Simple Health. A SPA day is spent increasing the laws of rest and cleansing to assist the body in the work of self-healing and self-rejuvenation.

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Knowing Your Enemy

The United States leads in all diseases - especially breast cancer, which is the most common cancer among women. In spite of these painful statistics we don't have to be the person who is diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. We can be the person who disarms and prevents cancer. Prevention starts with knowing your enemy.

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Clean Food and Healthy Digestion

Clean food is just as important as the nutrients found in them. Although it is tempting to skip cleaning your food it is certainly not wise to do so. You have a universe in your digestive tract!

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SHM Vegetable Smoothie

Vegetable smoothies are one of my favorite and most convenient ways to deposit nutrients into my body. I consume them every single day.
 Vegetable smoothie are a perfect way to get vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber and cleansing water from your fruits and vegetables in a hurry.

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