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The Twelve Laws of Simple Health are Life Skills

A life skill is a skill that is necessary or desirable for full participation in every day life. Life skills are as simple as making your bed, throwing the trash away, cleaning your kitchen or as serious as getting out of bed every morning and going to work and paying your bills. Learning how to be kind, expressing etiquette, reading and serving others are life skills. These skills must be taught from the earliest days of our childhood. If they are left untaught you only have to wait a few years to reap the harvest of dysfunction and chaos. Life skills are immediate and urgent. You cannot neglect them and expect to slip them in at adulthood without major complications.

Life skills assist you in every day life. They cultivate responsibility and awareness of others. They demand repetition. In time they develop into a rhythm, a tempo, a pattern. There are thousands of life skills to be mastered for a well-balanced, normal, good and efficiently functioning life. Twelve years ago I thought that I was sick because I had received two grim diagnoses in my lifetime. Then through a series of events I came across some life changing information that challenged my assumption and discovered that I was sick because I didn’t know how to take care of my body.

Little did I know that caring for your human design requires simple health skills. The Twelve Laws of Simple Health that I teach today are simply life skills that should be taught from birth to young adulthood. When the child leaves home they should be able to develop and master them and pass them on to their children. This is how we grow a health-conscious society. Along with 1+1=2 and the A,B,C’s, children should be taught simple health skills such as:

  • Nutrition is the process by which food is converted to living tissue
  • How to drink sufficient water to sustain health
  • Going to bed past 10:00p.m. on a consistent basis is sleep deprivation

Although I did not accomplish this with my children while they were young, since reclaiming my health I have made every effort to educate, train, mentor and model mastery of The Twelve Laws of Simple Health to them, my grandchildren and to others. For those of you that are starting out the New Year in pursuit of health it is my hope that you will be encouraged by this blog to develop simple health skills and teach them to your children while they are young.

I am happy to announce that in the very near future Simple Health Ministries will be making available video segments called “Five Minutes of Simple Health” where I will answer frequent asked questions and demonstrate practical and tangible health skills that will assist you in your personal pursuit of simple health. Whatever you do don’t wait to get started on mastering The Twelve Laws of Simple Health as life skills.


Experience How Simple Health Really Is!




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