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Posts tagged ‘Holidays’

Now That’s Scary!

October is hailed as the scary month. Chilling movies are aired at the theaters, frightening masks and creepy costumes are just around the corner as Halloween approaches. But there is another scary thing that is lurking. October is breast cancer awareness month. Now that’s scary! Yet still, there is something even scarier than breast cancer.

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Simply Spinach Dip

Simply Spinach Dip is a staple in our home for guests and holidays. Enjoy with crackers, bread, chips or veggies!

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A Christmas Muffin

This recipe is colorful and simple. No big fuss and baking them in mini muffin tins make them a perfect treat for any Christmas brunch and tea. They also make a great snack for those busy shopping days. Carry them along with a few pecans and some carrots.

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Every Lady’s Simple Delight Cookie

We eat for two reasons: we eat to sustain life and we eat for pleasure. What then shall we eat? This blog is dedicated to all those mom’s who are on a personal pursuit for nutritious snacks. The following recipe has satisfied my desire for something delightful time and time again. You never have to compromise your health protocol to serve your family an enjoyable, fun snack. Before you know it you will have trained the family to think critically about even their snacks.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I love cooked food. Growing up in a Hispanic home cooked food was the number one food that was served. Raw food was limited not intentionally but nevertheless it was the least of the foods I consumed. You can imagine my shock and horror when I discovered that in order to reclaim my health and prevent disease health experts recommend that you consume at least 80% of your food raw and 20% of your food cooked.

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