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Now That’s Scary!

October is hailed as the scary month. Chilling movies are aired at the theaters, frightening masks and creepy costumes are just around the corner as Halloween approaches. But there is another scary thing that is lurking. October is breast cancer awareness month. Now that’s scary! Yet still, there is something even scarier than breast cancer. I came upon it ten and a half years ago when I was facing a grim diagnosis with breast cancer. I assumed that I was sick because I had been diagnosed with breast cancer but after much research I discovered that I was sick because I didn’t know how to take care of my body. After pondering this concept I was compelled to ask a simple question and its answer would ultimately lead me to reclaiming my health.

What is health? Where does it come from?

Webster’s dictionary defines health as: freedom from disease; good condition, normal and efficient functioning

But how and who helps you to achieve freedom from disease, good condition, normal and efficient functioning?

Health is not something you get from the Mayo Clinic, a doctor, a prescription, a supplement, a diet, an exercise program or the gym.

Health is accumulative. It is created one day at a time. Health is how you think first and then how that thinking manifests in what you do. I was convinced that there was nothing I could do to reclaim my health and therefor I continued to eat foods that sabotaged my health and wellness. Candy bars and sodas, fried and fast foods were normal everyday foods.

I began to think critically about what health was. A clear understanding of health assisted me in transforming my lifestyle, which then led me to reclaiming my health.

Health was no longer external – something out there far away from my reach. It was not some mysterious, complicated thing only an elite few understood. Health was no longer a hope for a cure of some kind in the far future. It was here and now. It was real and it was achievable. Health is internal and it is created by the way we take care of our human body.

The more you know about the basics of the human body the greater skill you will have at taking care of it. I was fascinated to learn that 70% of the human body’s immune system is at work in your digestive system. As I researched the details of this knowledge I was compelled further and further to nurture my digestive system and assist it in creating health and not sickness and disease. Over and over again I used my skills at becoming a critical health thinker that accumulated into health one day at a time.

The answer to this simple question must be addressed or you will always be at the mercy of external measures that promise health and wellness and never address the root cause.

What is health? Have you come to a definitive answer? You must! It is the beginning of your health care.

Ultimately I would arrive at the simple answer that health is the process by which you take care of your body, mind, soul and spirit (emphasis on you). SHM is all about contributing life saving, life changing information that will assist you in this endeavor.

Simple Health Ministries definition of health: The process by which you take care of your body, mind, soul and spirit. (Emphasis on you).

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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