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The Laws of Health

The Law of Nutrition

From the time that we are conceived to the time we die our human body requires nutrition for:

  • Development
  • Sustaining life
  • Preventing disease
  • Reversing disease
  • End of life/reduction of pain

Humans eat for two reasons:

  • To sustain life
  • For pleasure

The Law of Water

The human body is designed to be nourished and maintained by water.  Consuming sufficient water is not a choice or preference. Lack of sufficient consumption of water is a matter of physical life and death, health and wellness. The human body depends on water for:

  • Hydration
  • Removing pollutants
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Increasing bowel health
  • Increasing stamina
  • Transporting nutrients

The Law of Exercise

The human body requires motion and rigorous movement for cleansing, strength, vitality and energy. The lymphatic, digestive, muscular, skeletal and mental systems are supported by the law of exercise.

The Law of Sleep

The human body requires eight hours of sleep. The human body functions according to a cyclical rhythm. There is no such thing as a morning or night person.

Sleep Rhythm:

From 12:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. the body is in the process of appropriating (eating and digestion occurs).

From 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. the body is in the process of assimilation, absorption and use of food.

From 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon the body is in the process of elimination (body waste and food debris is removed).

The Law of Rest

The human body is designed to rest from normal activity to release and recover from physical, mental and emotional activity.

  • Recover from days work
  • Enjoy quietness
  • Slow down
  • Trust in the Lord

 The Law of Colon Care: What Goes in Must Come Out!

The human digestive system is designed to break down food, assimilate nutrients and remove food waste and debris. Digestive and colon health is directly dependent on affirming and abiding by the twelve laws of health.  Health and wellness requires assistance in:

  • Nutritional absorbency
  • The transit time of foods consumed
  • Healthy elimination

The Law of Cleansing and Fasting – 1

The human body is designed with its own internal cleansing system.  It detoxifies while sleeping during the hours of 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Rigorous exercise, water and consuming water-content foods are necessary to assist in the cleansing process. In addition, there are external cleansing methods that are deemed effective.

The Law of Fasting and Cleansing – 2

The human body performs in greater precision when provided with rest from digestion. Fasting from solid food consumption and consuming only fresh fruits and vegetable juices, water and nutritional supplements assists the body in rest from digestion and increases its natural self-cleansing and healing.

The Law of Fresh Air

The human body is designed to breathe. It breathes air. Three minutes is the estimated amount of time human beings can go with out breathing air before significant physical damage occurs. Human beings, animal life and vegetation all are dependent on air. Health and wellness is dependent in part on breathing fresh air from the outdoor environment.

The Law of Sunlight

The human body is designed to assimilate sunlight transforming it to nutrients like Vitamin D.  Exposure to sunlight increases the reduction of stress and detoxifies the body by increasing body heat. There is no alternative for sunlight.

The Law of Reducing Stress

The human body is designed to function under stress for a limit amount of time. Continual stress burdens the body and increases risk of sickness and disease. Reducing stress is essential for assisting the human body in health and wellness.

  • Definition of stress: a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation; a state of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium

The Law of Emotional Fortitude:

The human body is designed to function in unison: body, mind, soul and spirit. The human body requires emotional balance and fortitude for health and wellness.

What is your emotional status?

  • Hyper-emotional
  • Unemotional
  • Overemotional
  • Emotionally Balanced

Definition of emotion: the affective aspect of consciousness; a state of feeling; a conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.

The Law of Spiritual Fortitude:

The human body is designed to function in unison: body, mind, soul and spirit. Spiritual fortitude is not a choice or preference. We are created in the creator’s image and purposed to have a relationship with Him.

Definition of fortitude: Strength, courage, resilience, guts, staying power, stamina, determination, endurance; the power to endure hardship; to be strengthened against wear

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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  1. Henry #

    love your knowledege and information,Iwill pass it on to my niece who has been fighting breast cancer

    May 13, 2012

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