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Becky’s Story

In July of 1989 I was a 30 year old young military wife, a stay at home mother raising two daughters and a son. I was doing what stay at home mothers do – I was busy with my children’s lives, supporting my husband’s military career and involved in church life, community, neighborhood and building relationships with other families.

That same year we had the opportunity to tour Paris, London, Wales and the villages of the English countryside. When we returned from our travels I had expected to jump right back into life, but instead I began to experience a strange progression of physical symptoms. I was exhausted and paralyzed with fatigue that lived deep down in every bone and muscle of my body. I had unrelenting flu symptoms from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. My husband John insisted we visit a primary care doctor. After taking the usual primary tests the doctor concluded that there was nothing really wrong with me except that I had caught a wicked virus and that I was young and vibrant and I could kick it out myself.

In a matter of months I had debilitated down to 89 lbs. and accumulated symptoms that plagued my body morning, noon and night. Uncontrollable headaches, sore throat and neck pain, flu symptoms, electrical impulses that surged through my body, muscle and bone pain, depression, and memory loss became a part of my every day life. I made my way through medical testing and six different doctors who all concluded that there was nothing medically wrong with me except that I had caught a virus that would take longer than usual to make its way out of my body.

For over a year the symptoms continued to assault my body, leaving me discouraged and afraid. It was more than a year’s time before I would meet an internal medicine doctor who would unravel my illness. After just one visit with this new doctor he determined that I had caught a food borne virus most likely during my travels that had infiltrated my body and caused a break down in my immune system. Years later I would understand it to be very much like the virus E-coli.

Unfortunately there was no cure and only time would tell whether the virus would go dormant in my body or continue to wreak havoc. For the next twelve years I lived with chronic illness that would challenge my faith, plague my body and change my life forever. The virus had not gone dormant. I taught myself how to manage and adjust to the illness and joined life to the best of my ability. I spent twelve years mastering being ill.

In August of 2000 my sister Carmen was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and then the unthinkable happened: six months to the day that she was diagnosed I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage two with a rapid dividing cell. I was quickly ushered into the cancer world and medical treatments. I had lost all hope of ever reclaiming my health way before the breast cancer; I was in the worse shape of my life. While in my third set of chemo treatments a test revealed that I had formed a tumor while under some of the strongest medical treatments available. My doctors scrambled to re-diagnose me and concluded that I was the worse case scenario.

Carmen lost her battle to lymphoma cancer and I buried my sister. Six months to the day, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer stage four. Painfully, I buried my mother a year and a half later. It was in the middle of this great drama and trauma in my life that I came across the life saving, life changing information that would make all the difference in the world.

Unimaginable to me, I would reclaim my health through faith and nutrition. Today, I tell my story to encourage others who may have lost all hope of ever reclaiming their health. Don’t give up just yet. May Simple Health Ministries bring you hope to find the strength and endurance for your own journey to reclaiming your health.

Series of Events

Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer understands the pressures that come with making decisions concerning drugs, therapies and surgery. I was doing what most Americans do when they are diagnosed with cancer. I was under chemotherapy treatment, had three breast surgeries and was preparing to undergo radiation. I was drowning in a sea of medical information. Still I was determined to do everything the medical community advised until that fateful day when my doctor’s re-evaluated my progress and concluded that I was growing cancer while under treatment.

In most cases if cancer returns it usually returns after treatments are completed, not during. Their recommendations traumatized my ability to think clearly about the course I was on. They added to my treatment a double mastectomy, the removal of my chest wall and possibly a bone marrow transplant. I decided to table my decision to have such radical surgery done. I was exhausted from the medial decisions and treatment I was enduring. Then one day through a series of events I came across a television interview with Dr. Lorraine Day.

It was her story of reclaiming her health through nutrition from fourth stage breast cancer that compelled me to study the subject of health and wellness for myself. I ordered two of her videos and that was my starting point. I spent the next year surrounding myself with other health and wellness experts and their resources. It was then that I made the unbelievable self-discovery that not only was I terribly uneducated about my personal health, I am unashamed to admit that I was completely ignorant.

I spent the next year learning about and mastering the laws of health and lifestyle medicine. I obeyed what I was learning consistently, passionately and strategically. I made a list of everything I was doing wrong and everything I was doing right. I stopped doing everything I was doing wrong and I approached every day as though I was making progress. I fought to strike down any self-defeating thoughts and spent hours in spiritual fortitude. I also surrounded my self with stories of others who had overcome disease through faith and nutrition.

I made every possible lifestyle change I could make in order to assist my body in getting well. Painful and as brutal as my journey to reclaiming my health was, there is not one thing I would change today. Simple Health Ministries was born out of my own personal pursuit of reclaiming my health through faith and nutrition.

Helping others discover that sickness and disease does not fall out of the sky, land on our heads and into our bodies – but rather is created one day at a time by the way we eat, drink, sleep, exercise and think – is my contribution to the subject of health and wellness. Today, I am ever so grateful for the grace that accompanied me every step of the way. Every part of my journey has brought me that much closer to God. In the end I reclaimed more than my health, I reclaimed my life.

The Cure

In the twelve years I was under medical care for my chronic illness, I never once had a dialogue with a doctor, nurse or any other medical authority concerning my personal responsibility in assisting my body in getting well. I was never advised to take a nutritional class or to read any material that taught me how to take care of my body.

It was not until I began to study the subject of health and wellness for myself that I became aware of the laws of health. It was not until I began implementing the laws of health and practiced tremendous patience that I reclaimed my health. Here they are in summary:

  • The Law of Nutrition
  • The Law of Water
  • The Law of Exercise
  • The Law of Rest
  • The Law of Sleep
  • The Law of Cleansing
  • The Law of Fasting
  • The Law of Fresh Air
  • The Law of Sunshine
  • The Law of Emotional Fortitude
  • The Law of Reducing Stress
  • The Law of Spiritual Fortitude

Each law is worthy of its own explanation. Click here to learn more information on each one.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is! 

Becky Campos

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  1. Elvina Green #

    Becky–your website is gorgeous. I enjoyed every minute. Bless you, Dear One–Elvina

    May 4, 2012

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