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Q:What kind of cancer did Becky have?

A: Breast cancer stage two with a rapid dividing cell.

Q: What kind of surgery did Becky have? 

A: Lumpectomy and lymph node dissection

Q: Do you recommend consuming red meat?

A: In your personal pursuit of reclaiming your health from disease it is recommended that you abstain from all animal products. You may introduce them in qualities and quantities that are safe to consume after reclaiming your health.

Q: Who is Becky’s Naturopath?

A: Dr. Sam Walters at Wellspring Clinic

Q:How long did Becky abstain from animal products?

A: For two years.

Q: Does Becky take vitamins? 

A: No. Man made vitamins are difficult to digest and are harmful to the liver. Vitamins are missing the synergy found in whole food nutrition. SHM recommends that you get as much of your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from your food as possible. SHM recommends Juice Plus+, a whole food nutritional supplement that is friendly to your liver, well known for its bioavailability and nutrient density. It is a powdered fruit and vegetable capsule that will make all the difference in your personal pursuit of reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

Q: Has Becky ever gone back to her doctor?

A: No. Becky would take any concerns to her Naturopath.

Q: What books did Becky read?

A:  Visit our Recommended Resources.

Q: Does Becky oppose the medical community?

A: Never. Becky opposes applying medical treatments or alternative treatments of any kind with out being well informed of their survival rates and their harmful effects. SHM recommends thorough and informed research before participating in any treatment for any condition.

Q: What does Becky eat?

A: See SHM Food Recommendations & Recipes

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