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Our Philosophy

Simple Health Ministries affirms that man is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). We believe that health is the process by which we care for our human design: body, mind, soul and spirit.

Caring for our human body is in relation to good stewardship. We affirm and teach the laws of health to assist us with good stewardship, affirming the laws of health as universal to all mankind. This is the center of our work.

The laws of health in summary are:

  • The Law of Nutrition
  • The Law of Water
  • The Law of Exercise
  • The Law of Sleep
  • The Law of Rest
  • The Law of Cleansing
  • The Law of Fasting
  • The Law of Fresh Air
  • The Law of Sunshine
  • The Law of Emotional Fortitude
  • The Law of Reducing Stress
  • The Law of Spiritual Fortitude


SHM is not opposed to medical treatments, drug therapies, surgeries or any other medical means. All knowledge belongs to God and is accumulated throughout the ages with vital contributions from each generation. We respect the institute of medicine and its advancements. Although we do not oppose medical treatments, drug therapies, surgeries or any other medical means we affirm them as secondary to the laws of health.

SHM affirms that the medical system’s strengths are:

  • Life-saving drugs
  • Acute care
  • Diagnosis of disease
  • Medical screenings

We also affirm that the medical system’s weaknesses are:

  • The prevention of disease
  • The lack of clear instruction on how to reduce the risk of sickness and disease through personal responsibility
  • The lack of teaching patients the laws of health
  • The use of medicine with out teaching the patient how to care for their body

We respect the American medical system as one resource among many in the pursuit of health and wellness. We are grateful for the medical community and their work with the suffering. We pledge to not undermine their great work but to undergird them as we teach people how to take personal responsibility for their health and use medical means responsibly.

Alternative Resources

SHM recognizes other means and forms of alternative health resources such as: naturopathic care, chiropractic care, nutritionists and herbalists and affirm them as good and a more natural compliment to self-healing.

We strive to teach the laws of health as the centerpiece of our healthcare, second to none. Medicine and all other resources assist us best when we ourselves master the twelve laws of health.

SHM health information can be obtained by utilizing other grass roots health resources. See our Recommended Resources for more information. What is unique to SHM is Becky’s story and her experience in reclaiming her health by mastering the laws of health.

Personal Responsibility

We believe that personal responsibility plays a key role in prevention of sickness and disease. Your health is dependent on your willingness to become a critical health thinker, increase your health intelligence and apply the laws of health. The good news is there has never been more health resources easily available to assist us with prevention or reclaiming our health from disease.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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