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Becoming a Critical Health Thinker

Becoming a critical health thinker is one of the number one things I attribute to reclaiming my health. I had twelve years of chronic, debilitating illness and a breast cancer diagnosis before I faced how uneducated I was about the subject of health and wellness. After I began to study the subject on my own, I concluded that as far as my health was concerned, I was not only uneducated; I was ignorant.

To be uneducated is to be unskilled, untrained and to have a lack of knowledge. 

The definition of ignorance is to: ignore, pay no attention to; take no notice; close the eyes to; snub; to look right through. 

Much of my suffering due to a combination of lack of education and personal ignorance. Sickness and disease had not fallen out of the sky, landed on my head and into my body. It was created one day at a time by the way I lived, what I ate, what I drank and how I slept. This was my number one reason for accumulating twelve years of chronic illness and a breast cancer diagnosis.

Unfortunately, my lack of education and ignorance was nurtured by the years I spent in the medical system. Although I had some of the most compassionate doctors, men and women of great character and intelligence overseeing my healthcare, not once in my lifetime (and especially during the twelve years of chronic illness) did a doctor or medical authority instruct me on the subject of health and wellness. 

I still remember the day I became aware of how little I knew about my body. I read in one the books I was studying that the liver had to process everything I taste, touch, and smell. Unbelievable! I was 42 years old and I had no understanding of what the liver in the human body was created to do. I experienced feelings of anger as I wondered why I had not heard this life saving information before.

The health resources I had studied had built a case for health and the verdict was in; I could put everything I knew about my body and the subject of health and wellness into a thimble. Much of what I knew about the subject of health came from a life time of haphazard information; pieces parts from magazine articles and television commercials. If you would have asked me to tell you everything I knew about the subject of health and wellness I would have shared with you the following four things.

  • Take a multivitamin
  • Begin having mammograms when you turn 40
  • Don’t consume Saccharine, it’s bad for you
  • Exercise

That was the depth of my understanding about the subject of health and wellness!

I had leaned on our medical authorities for all of my answers. Year after year, I went from doctor to doctor without any answers for my chronic illness. With every year that passed I accumulated more symptoms. Like so many others I was convinced that hospitals and clinics were the only two places that could assist me in reclaiming my health. Little did I know there is an entire world of alternative measures that concentrate on health and wellness.

My studying led me to a whole new world of answers to all the questions I had wrestled with. I studied till I could study no more. I was exhausted from the vast information I was absorbing and yet I could not get enough. My encounter with the painful truth that much of my sickness and disease was directly related to my lack of education and personal ignorance ignited in me a great desire to pass on this life changing, life saving information to others. Reclaiming your health and preventing disease demands that you become a critical health thinker.

Are you a critical health thinker?


Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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  1. Roger W. #

    Thank you for the informative post. I like to think that I have been a critical health thinker but I think over the last year and a half I have went astray. I have worked for a nutrition company for 5+ years and I am familiar with a lot of health issues, however, I have been ignoring the obvious all around me. What is that? Well, that I need to open my eyes and start taking better care of myself again. I am aware of the ramifications of what I do but I keep doing it!!!

    For most of my life I have been fairly healthy and at a good weight (170lbs). From 2005 to mid 2009 my weight increased to 220lbs. I got married and got a bit lazy. I was sick and tired of it! I started working out and in a short period of time I got down to 200lbs. I did this by working out diligently (sometimes twice a day) and changing my eating habits. I’ve maintained my weight however I have ceased working out and have been eating more fast food. This is due to laziness.

    I also struggle with having Lyme disease which often makes me tired a lot and lack motivation which is really hard to deal with and effects my family life as well as my social life.

    You have encouraged me to be more thoughtful and to try and lead a more healthy and enjoyful life!

    April 5, 2012

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