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Mastering Simple Health

The definition of master is: to be eminently skilled. In my journey to reclaiming my health there were many opportunities to become discouraged. In the beginning I was reading, learning and applying as many things as I could in no specific order. I was drinking more water, exercising, etc. but I did not have a strong protocol in place. I was haphazard. I often went to bed fearful that I was not doing enough to reverse my disease. Any symptom or question from a friend would shake my confidence in what I was doing. That is, until I remembered one of my favorite words in the English language, the word master.

We often think of an athlete, a musician or a surgeon when we think of someone who is eminently skilled. They master their talent and gift with precision. None of us are privy to the years and work it took them to master their gift, yet we watch them in all their glory and enjoy their hard work. Mastering the laws of health is no different than mastering anything else in our lives. We master things every single day that make all the difference in our daily lives. For those who drive a car we have mastered the accelerator, the brake pedal, rear view mirrors, entering and exiting freeways and stopping at street lights, etc. The music teacher teaches her students how to place their fingers on the right keys, how to hold their instrument and even how to sit on their chairs. So it is with mastering health.

Unfortunately, many who get started on their journey to health never master the laws of health. Instead they simply try them for a short while only to be left discouraged rather than empowered. If I was going to reclaim my health there was no room for haphazardness. At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of changes I had to make. I compiled a list of everything I needed to do. The more I contemplated the work ahead of me the more discouraged I became. The list was long.

Reversing the effects of the years of sickness and disease I had accumulated was not going to be easy. I took each item from the two page list and made the decision to master each one. I placed the list on the refrigerator door and worked on as many as I could. I highlighted the items that were most difficult for me and created a strategy to achieve them. Now the list was not so daunting!

Simple health begins by making a list of the things you must do to master health and wellness. Make a list of all the things you must add or delete from your life style. Remember the list is a tool not your enemy. It will serve to help keep your focus on the tangible things you could be doing to assist your body in getting well and staying well. The list is foundational. It is a place to start.

The Simple health list is not just for those who are trying to reclaim their health but it is for all those who want to assist their body with prevention. Remember: how we live, what we drink, what we eat, how we sleep, how we exercise, how we rest and how we cope and deal with our daily lives either promotes health or destroys your health. 

As I mastered each item on my list I began to see the sickness and disease that plagued my body reverse itself. I no longer felt haphazard. I became eminently skilled. It would be dishonest of me to claim that any part of my journey was easy. It was not. I had endured unbelievable pain and heartache during all the years I battled with twelve years of chronic illness that culminated with breast cancer.

Reclaiming my health and preventing disease was one of the most painful and yet riveting accomplishments of my life. It encompassed more than the incredible changes I made in my lifestyle. It also included spiritual growth, personal development and a striping down of my autonomous behavior. If you have been trying every which way to reclaim your health or prevent disease, mastering simple health is a goal worth pursuing.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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