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Our Mission

After I reclaimed my health people naturally began to take interest in my story. They wanted to know what I did to reverse my disease. Within a short time I invited friends and family to small and simple health classes held in our home. I started teaching in our community as the demand for information on lifestyle medicine continued to grow. In time I founded Simple Health Ministries as a grass roots resource to help others make the life saving connection between lifestyle choices and sickness and disease.

For the last eleven years I’ve worked to assist others in examining their health philosophy, pointing them towards personal responsibility, health education and introducing them to the laws of health. I’ve stood at the foot of the bed of the suffering and met people who have lost their hope of ever reclaiming their health. These are people who are in desperate need of simple health information that they can study and master promptly; people who cannot wait one more day.

It is this simple awareness that keeps me telling my story and sharing the health and wellness information that assisted me in reclaiming my health. Our mission is simple: SHM seeks to assist those who are seeking to take personal responsibility for their health by teaching them how to become critical health thinkers. We encourage mastery of the laws of health and teach how to become eminently skilled in caring for their whole person: body, mind, soul and spirit.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!

Becky Campos

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