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Simple Conversations – Dr. Sam Walters, NMD

Reclaiming your health and preventing disease requires resources. Naturopathic doctors contribute remarkable health resources in a variety of ways that conventional medicine does not. After leaving my conventional treatment I incorporated the insight of a variety of health experts directly and indirectly. Dr. Sam Walters, NMD contributed life saving resources that made all the difference in my personal pursuit of health. I thought you might enjoy my interview with him. Watch our simple conversation and experience how simple health really is! For more information on Dr. Walters visit

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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  1. Mary drake #

    Have you ever treated a patient with ms.

    November 7, 2013
    • Hi Mary,
      Is the question you posted for me or for Dr. Walters? If it is for me I teach people how to master The Twelve Laws of Simple Health
      so that they can assist their body in the wonderful work of self-healing. The Twelve Laws of Simple Health contribute to the totality
      of health and must be mastered to reclaim one’s health what ever the condition or disease you have been diagnosed with.
      Thank you for your question Mary, I hope my answer is helpful.

      November 7, 2013

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