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Posts tagged ‘Stevia’

John’s Carob Latte

John's caffeine-free, creamy, carob latte is perfect for a fall and winter evening beverage.

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The Great Food Exchange

Sickness and disease does not fall out of the sky, land on our heads and into our bodies. Many of the diseases Americans are enduring are called the diseases of affluence. Definition of affluence: an abundant supply.

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John’s Cinnamon Drink

Cinnamon, water, soy milk and Stevia! Those are the ingredients to John's cinnamon drink.

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What Did You Eat Today?

My classes, church activities and every day life have afforded me the opportunity to speak with many people about their personal pursuit of health. One of the things I observe in my conversations is that often the person is consumed with giving up unhealthy foods but fails to introduce nutrition to their body.

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