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Welcome to Simple Health Ministries

Welcome! If you are visiting SHM perhaps you are on your own personal journey to reclaiming your health. Or maybe you are committed to the prevention of sickness and disease. Or still yet, you may be seeking health information for a loved one or a friend. Whatever reason brought you to SHM you are extremely welcomed. Our website is a grass roots resource. Whether you need the information for yourself or for someone else you will be pleasantly surprised by the simple, basic health knowledge we offer that will make all the difference in your pursuit of health and wellness.

The ultimate goal of Simple Health Ministries is to first, provide health information that will compel you to examine your health philosophy. Second, to affirm the connection between sickness and disease and lifestyle. Simple Health Ministries provides thought provoking blogs, articles, and videos that will help you make this life changing, life saving connection. You will enjoy health classes, recipes, video corners and interviews with ordinary people who have adopted the SHM health philosophy and hear about their journey to simple health. It is my hope you will visit us frequently and tell a friend.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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