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Your First Line of Defense

October is breast cancer awareness month. After living with twelve years of chronic, debilitating illness my sickness culminated in breast cancer, stage two with a rapid dividing cell. I was in the worse shape of my life and everything that could be wrong with me was wrong.  I had lost all hope of ever reclaiming my health. This post is dedicated to cancer prevention. The following are critical prevention skills that are the first line of defense against breast cancer.

Cancer cells exist in all of us. Cancer initiation is not preventable. Cancer cells are created in the human body by free radicals and cancer causing substances. Cancer progression is preventable.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell author of The China Study contributes one of the best visualizations of cancer progression available today. He describes cancer initiation as seed that has been planted and cancer progression as the watering and fertilizing of the seed, causing it to grow.

The key to breast cancer prevention is to remove the things that weaken the immune system and cause cancer to grow. The immune system is more than capable of keeping cancer cells from continuing to grow to dangerous levels.   

When the immune system is depleted in nutrition, exercise, sleep, rest and is stressed, lacks sunshine, fresh air, spiritual fortitude, and emotional fortitude, is over burdened by toxins and lack of colon care it will grow weaker and allow the cancer to become stronger. Unfortunately we are paying more attention to the disease than we are to the answers.

Prevention begins with studying the laws of health and mastering each one. Simple Health Ministries teaches twelve of these laws and uses them to encourage life style medicine.

Dr. Bob Arnot author of The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet also contributes amazing work to the prevention of cancer with a practical, tried and proven, non-invasive approach to reclaiming your health.  This book is a must read.

Breast cancer does not have to take the lives of millions of women. Prevention and reclaiming your health is achievable. Breast cancer prevention is better than treatment. 

Never underestimate the power of being self taught.  Don’t wait until the medical system is reformed or until alternative medicine becomes affordable – you can take personal responsibility for your own health and wellness. Simple Health Ministries can get you started in becoming a critical health thinker and assist you with life changing, life saving information that will make all the difference in reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

Pink ribbons and monetary contributions for research are noble but not enough to prevent cancer. Our first line of defense is life style medicine and personal responsibility. It does not matter what kind of cancer you may be diagnosed with, all of the above apply to all cancers. What a relief it was to me when I found out that if cancer is preventable it is also reversible.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is! 


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