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Clean Food and Healthy Digestion

Babying your digestive system

Clean food is just as important as the nutrients found in them. Although it is tempting to skip cleaning your food it is certainly not wise to do so. You have a universe in your digestive tract! The work in the digestive system is synergistically accomplishing the process of breaking down food and converting it to healthy, living tissue. The digested nutrients are absorbed into blood flowing through the lining of the small intestine. Keeping this elaborate and extravagant work continuing without interruption requires attention to details.

When you wash your fruit and vegetables you are preventing your digestive universe from spinning into unpredictable behavior, random changes and at times disorder and confusion. Consuming clean food is one way to pay attention to detail. Pesticides, herbicides, microorganisms that cause bacteria, molds and mildew contribute to digestive imbalances. Cleaning your produce with hydrogen peroxide or a vegetable wash kills these dangerous intruders and keeps them from entering your body.

Never underestimate the power of accumulating simple knowledge like how to wash your fruit and vegetables. To learn how to wash your produce with hydrogen peroxide, read Simple Food Handling Skills.

Experience how simple health really is!


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