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Garlic Water

Garlic has medicinal properties that fight off bacteria, viruses, molds, and yeast naturally. It cleanses the liver and helps the intestinal track fight off bad bacteria that collects over time. Garlic water is instant nutrition since it does not have to be digested by the body.

I drink my garlic water as part of my health regiment every morning, one week a month. Garlic water is fantastic for any recipe that requires garlic. If you can eat garlic you can drink garlic water!

When To Drink Garlic Water

  • When you are fighting off a virus or bacteria
  • Before traveling to boost your immunity
  • After you return from traveling
  • When you fast and cleanse
  • At the first sign of a cold
  • Everyday use is always wise


8 cloves of organic garlic
1 quart water


Peel, slice into halves and rinse garlic cloves in plain water
Place garlic into a Mason jar and cover with water and seal
Place garlic water in refrigerator for an hour before using

What to do:
Pour 1/4 cup of garlic water into an eight ounce glass.
Add 1 cup purified water.
Drink with a straw.

When Fighting a Virus or Flu

1st day

Drink garlic water every hour and a half through out the day.

 The 2nd day:

Drink garlic mixture every two hours or at the least three times that day.

Continue to drink garlic water for the next seven days several times a day.

You may continue to use the same garlic and refill jar with water for up to three days.
Discard garlic or any unused mixture on the fourth day.
Always keep refrigerated.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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  1. nesha #

    Can you put garlic powder in the water

    December 28, 2013
    • Hi Nesha, I have never used garlic powder to make my garlic water. Using fresh organic garlic is ideal and very easy to do. However you may try it as an alternative. Fresh garlic gives you instant medicinal properties straight from the garlic. Hope that is helpful Nesha. Thanks for your question. Experience How Simple Health Really Is! Becky

      December 30, 2013
  2. Joseph Ropinski #

    What if you drink the garlic water everyday it will hurt you? The reason I ask is that I have 2 to 3 cloves of garlic daily.

    October 9, 2019
    • Oh my Joseph, I apologize for not seeing your Q. I have left my website in static state due to other projects. I drink my garlic water when ever I feel my body needs extra natural medicinal compounds from garlic which provides anti-bacteria, anti-virus, vascular support, feeds the microbiome and provides cleansing support fo us. Since garlic is structured to our being you can drink it every day. I drink it once or twice a week and I also take a garlic supplement called Kyolic Age Garlic Extract, Reserve Cardiovascular. I love this product. You can find it at your local health food store. Again please forgive me for my neglect to check on my site. I am humbled.
      Also if you so wish you can follow me on my FB page @ simplehealthministries. Thank you so much for being interested in my work.

      March 5, 2020

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