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Is Every Body the Same?

One of the reasons we why are so unhealthy is that we believe that we are all different. Although we look different on the outside and differ in our temperaments, that is where our differences end. While studying the subject of health and wellness for my self I concluded the most fascinating answer to so many of my health problems. I learned that I was not different than any other human being on earth.

From the beginning of time, generations before us and after us are all created the same on the inside. I was baffled. During my years of chronic illness, when I asked my medical provider why it was that I was unable to evacuate the contents of my colon or why I couldn’t sleep at night I was told that I was just different. I was given a small little yellow jelled pill to move things along in my colon (which never helped) and off I went on my way with the reinforcement that I was different. Over my years of sickness and disease I was convinced that this was my lot in life because I was different. 

Although we are all unique, our anatomy is the same. Except for the male and female factor, every other part that makes up the human body is the same every single time. This allows the surgeon to perform surgery because they can count on the precision of the human body to function the same in you as it is in me. When they remove a gallbladder they know where to go, how to cut, and how long it will take to heal if there are no complications.

Think of it, the beauty of modern medicine is what it is today because the human body has not changed since the beginning of time. My eyes are exactly in the same place as your eyes. My liver filters everything I taste, touch and smell, just like yours does.  Why would this truth be so vital to the subject of health and wellness? It answers one of the reasons why we are so unhealthy.  If you don’t understand this important critical health thinking skill than you will be in immediate deficit towards ever reclaiming your health.

Here is the practical insight to this truth: if we are all the same then the answers to our health and wellness are the same as well. Every human being regardless whether male or female, young or aged, American or Chinese, working or retired; regardless of vocation, logistics, and economic status all need nutrition, water, sleep, rest, exercise. In my conversations with people, undoubtedly the question is asked whether my recommendations will help their ailment. It is understandable that they should ask that question – after all we have been trained to think that our illnesses are also different.

We have been trained to think that cancer, diabetes, Chrohn’s Disease, heart disease, etc. are all caused by different factors. On that premise the pharmaceutical and medical community has a drug prescription for every symptom and ailment there is. The truth is that most disease is self-inflicted. These diseases are the way the body responds to the years of neglect and abuse that comes from lack of nutrition, water, sleep, rest and exercise.

I often meet people that drink excessive amounts of soda and coffee who also experience migraine headaches. They have convinced themselves that the two are not connected because when they were young they were able to drink these beverages without the same effect. They often tell me they are different. They can handle the caffeine, so it must be something else.

Others tell me that they can eat all the meat they want because meat has been around since man was created. High quality meats are perfectly fine to consume but not in the quantities Americans are consuming. “I am different,” they say, “I come from a meat and potatoes family.” Others tell me that they don’t drink water because they hate the taste of it or because they are to busy. Unfortunately your body does not care whether you are busy, an executive, a teacher or whether you hate the taste of water – it still needs water to function. The thought that we are all different will make you think that nutrition, water, sleep, rest and exercise are a choice.


Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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