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Give Yourself the Gift of Health

What ever happens to you also happens to those you love and those who love you. Your health (or lack of health) is experienced in one way or another by those in the sphere of your life. The gift of my health is the greatest gift I can give to my husband, children and grand children.

Imagine for a moment the drama and trauma our family endured when my sister, mother and I were diagnosed with cancer in a span of two years time. For each individual that is diagnosed or living with a health condition that disrupts their life there are parents, children, siblings, friends, congregations and long distant families who are affected by the health crisis. When I reclaimed my health from twelve years of chronic illness that culminated with breast cancer I also reclaimed my life. My family reclaimed rest in their souls from watching me suffer.

Obesity, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia and heart disease are some of the top health concerns American households are experiencing. Health and wellness experts categorize these conditions as diseases of affluence. These diseases are directly related to lifestyle choices. This is good news to you and to me. If most of the diseases plaguing our nation are self-inflicted we are not left defenseless. Your first line of defense against diseases of affluence is you. Therefore you can give yourself the gift of health and also give it to those you love.

However, the gift of health does not come with out a price tag. It is a precious and costly gift. It takes education, self-discipline, courage, time, money, nutrition, sleep, rest, exercise, consistency and most of all faith. Without these disciplines we are not worthy of the gift nor can it be achieved The gift is often misunderstood by others, increasing its value. But no worries, you must press on. When others are intimidated by your discipline or uncomfortable by your new life remember that they lack the knowledge as you once did about the value of the gift. Some time ago I had a conversation with a woman who told me that ever since she had made the necessary lifestyle changes to reclaim her health it seemed that her family was more irritated and stressed over her determination. She sadly commented on how difficult it was to live a life of health and wellness among the lack of encouragement she consistently lived with.

I reminded her that this was just a transitional phase in her lifestyle and to give up now was to have to start all over again at a future date. Later, I ran into her and I observed that she had lost her spark and passion, putting the gift of health aside for now. She obviously needed someone to affirm her efforts, but not just anyone would do, it had to be those who she loves and who ultimately love her. Instead she felt defeated and considered whether the gift of health was worthy of her time and effort.

Another individual I know was facing the same exact circumstance unfolding in her home. When she spoke with me about it I counseled her with the same exact advice. We talked about the stress she was experiencing and how one day she was sure to make a difference in the life of her family.  At the moment she needed to continue to apply what she was learning to herself alone. She passionately gave me a step by step strategy she had developed to help her continue to press on in her pursuit of health. Today, she is highly successful in reclaiming her health and is making a beautiful impact in the life of her family.

I wondered what the difference was between these two women. I discovered that the latter woman had held onto the long-term goal of achieving health and the first woman struggled with what she was enduring at the moment, the here and the now of her circumstance. If you live with or know someone who has chosen the gift of health you are a personal benefactor of their choice. Because they choose to pursue health and wellness they are sparing themselves and you the heartache that comes with sickness and disease. Tell them how proud you are and thank them for sharing the gift of health with you.

How to give yourself the gift of health:

  • Remember that no one lives a life unto himself.  Every thing that happens to you happens to those you love.
  • Study the subject of health and wellness for yourself. Increase your health intelligence and apply the laws of health.
  • Change as many things as you can change in your lifestyle. What ever you can control you should control. For example, I cannot control pollution but I can control what foods I eat.
  • Don’t announce to the world around you that you are giving yourself the gift of health. Quietly go about your everyday life mastering the necessary life style changes in your pursuit of health. It is wise to build confidence in your new determination, there will be plenty of time to mentor others.
  • Leave a margin for human error.  It takes time to master the principles of health.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is! 


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