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SHM Processed Food Synonyms

I didn’t know that processed foods were not a food group. Unbelievable! You mean macaroni and cheese and chocolate cake mix from a box is not food?  Yep, that’s what I asked when I first started studying the subject of health and wellness for my self.

The definition of nutrition: the process by which food is converted to living tissue.

Remember that food has to have nutrients to be food. This is in contrast to man-made substances that take the place of nutrients that exist naturally in food.

Here are a few SHM processed food synonyms to help you remember that processed foods are not a food group:

  • Food Imposter
  • Pretend Food
  • Dead Food
  • Manufactured Food
  • Mystery Food
  • Make Believe Food
  • Tampered Food
  • Modified Food
  • CBBOB (Can, bottle, box or bag food)

Reclaiming your health and preventing disease requires that you remove unhealthy and  dangerous man-made, processed foods that interrupt your health and accumulate into the diseases of affluence.

Never underestimate the power of removing processed foods from your daily menus and replacing them with the natural, healthy foods created to convert to living tissue.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is! 


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