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The Law of Nutrition

Lack of nutrition is the single most devastating daily abuse we subject our human bodies to. The definition of nutrition is: the process by which food is converted to living tissue. Everything we consume, for good or ill, will convert to living tissue or dead tissue, living cells or dead cells. Reclaiming your health and preventing disease begins with what you know and understand about the law of nutrition.

By the time that you are diagnosed with cancer or any of the diseases of affluence your body has been deficient in macro and micronutrients, which is a precursor to all diseases. The body will adapt to the lack of nutrition we subject it to but it can only accomplish this for so long. Slowly but surely the immune system begins to succumb to the stages of disease. Disease is quickened by inflammation and dehydration as the body is forced to function with little or no daily nutrition.  Aches and pains, allergies, unexplained symptoms and fatigue are the first warning signs that you are lacking vital nutrition.

Like the check engine light in your car, the body has its own internal warning system. When you ignore these warning signs long enough they will accumulate into serious symptoms and develop into disease. All at once you will come to a halt and then wonder how you could be diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with any disease it is simply your body crying out for nutrition, water, exercise, sleep, rest, spiritual fortitude, emotional fortitude, colon care, cleansing, fresh air and sunshine.

Understanding and mastering the law of nutrition is a necessity if you are going to accomplish mastering the other eleven laws of health. The human body will amazingly reverse disease just like it will prevent it when we provide it the raw materials it needs to create health and wellness. Depositing significant amounts of nutrition into your body will enable you to accomplish exercise, sleep, reducing stress, etc.

With out nutrition all other daily body functions are impaired in one way or another. Exercise, sleep and reducing stress decrease due to lack of energy.  Strength and ability to cope emotionally and mentally are hindered. Think for a moment how we subject our selves to working, resting and playing without depositing daily nourishment into our bodies. Imagine how well you could feel, how strong and fortified you would be for your daily tasks if you learned how to master applying the law of nutrition. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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