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Acquiring the Taste for Simple Health

Once you have made the decision to practice the laws of health you will naturally desire to apply the first law of health which is the law of nutrition.

The Western diet consists of man-made sugars, sodium, fats, preservatives, enhanced flavorings and colorings that train us to crave those substances. Whole foods are bursting with nutrients, live enzymes, omega nutrients, natural sugars, sodium, starches, proteins, fats and are brilliant in colors. They are worthy of consuming and acquiring the taste for them.

If you are not accustomed to consuming whole foods they may seem bland at first. It takes time to retrain your taste and thoughts for whole food. Don’t give up on whole foods because they are not what your pallet is use too. It takes time to master the law of nutrition.  Abstaining from dangerous foods, unhealthy foods and exchanging them for healthy, living, whole foods will take becoming a critical health thinker. Acquiring the taste for health requires renewing your thought process.

All of my recipes are foods I acquired the taste for in the early years of reclaiming my health and preventing disease. Today I delight in them.

My son recently gave me a perfect example of how acquiring the taste for healthy foods takes time. Once you accomplish it unhealthy, processed, status foods and man-made foods simply pale in comparison to healthy, whole and natural foods.

He told me of how he had attended a wedding reception and had eaten a sandwich made with white bread.  As he chewed, the bread became mush, stuck to the roof of his mouth and he was having an unpleasant, unattractive time trying to force it off with his tongue in order to swallow it. He said he had become accustomed to whole grain bread which doesn’t dissolve in your mouth before chewing. To which I replied, “Hmm!”

Don’t give up on acquiring the taste for health. It is worthy of your time, effort and money to do so. If at first you don’t succeed taste, taste again.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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