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Apple Salad


8 Fugi or Gala apples washed
5 large stalks of celery
½ cup walnuts
½ cup organic raisins
¼ cup Vegenaise
Add more Vegenaise or less, to your liking ( I like mine creamy)


Cut your apples into medium cube size.
Dice celery into small pieces.
Walnuts should be cut into medium size pieces.

Mix all ingredients in large bowl and serve chilled.

To chill salad quickly put apple salad in a large zip lock bag and place in freezer for ten minutes.  Setting a timer will help you remember to remove it from your freezer.
Transfer into your bowl and move to the fridge until served.

Simple Health Hints: Gala Apples are the sweetest apples to make this salad with. If you are not able to purchase organic apples wash them in a hydrogen peroxide soak. 

Hydrogen peroxide wash: cover apples with water in your sink and add 1 Tbs. Set a timer to 15 minutes and scrub apples with a vegetable scrubber. Let apples sit in HP for the 15 minutes then drain. Cover apples with water and rinse for additional 15 minutes. You may wash them this way anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Use the same time for soaking and rinsing. Don’t forget to rinse your apples after soaking in HP!

I am famous for reinventing foods I love and making them smarter, healthier and economical.  There is no need to fuss your way through complicated recipes, the simpler the better for your digestive system and for your time and budget.


Experience How Simple Health Really Is!


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